My Art

The other side of reality

With my art I want to venture to get a glimpse behind reality.
I want to open doors that are closed to the everyday reality,
I want to break shackles that strangle life.

My work shows picturesque expressions of feelings,emotions
and fantasies that touch me when looking at reality.

Life is never complete without the other side,
the irrational side, which is out of reach for the mind.

But an approach to the other side of reality
can only be accomplished through


The technique of the painting, developed by Hanna Scheriau herself, is an innovation worldwide.

This innovative style requires a lot of energy and feeling and painting skills and also several work steps and it has nothing to do with conventional methods of silk painting, such as batik and other painting on silk, as for example in Asia is common.
Each painting is unique and can not be copied because of the special technology. Unlike canvas and paper here the silk while painting is free to move. The final image is afterwards mounted on canvas (or cardboard under glass).

And just as there are finer and coarser canvas for painting, so there are many more different types of silk fabrics. Hanna Scheriau experimented with different weaves and textures of silk, which require different styles of painting and produce also different optical impressions.

Despite intensive research, there seems to be no one in the art scene who is painting on silk in a similar way as Hanna Scheriau.

This artistic work is unique in the world, especially because of silk, a material that can not be found in today's art scene in this form. But silk is a painting surface for thousands of years and is extremely durable, far more than linen. The silk paints for artists are liquid, they are light fast and have a very special luminosity.

Prof. Ernst Fuchs, one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, dedicated to the artist Hanna Scheriau in 2005 a small, very personal poem.