Dr. Anton Gugg, art historian, cultural advisor of the City of Salzburg

(Excerpt from the opening speechat an exhibition in the “Galerie der Begegnung”, Salzburg  2004)

It is always exciting when experiments with colors and possible image-makers lead to new picturesque results. The experiment is in a sense the mother of development, of progress, which is not only in the art that way. In art there also exist the driving force for the development of new modes of action, new effects in the best sense of the word.
Hanna Scheriau has succeeded an aesthetic innovation, for her far unprecedented way to apply color on silk, gives rise to fully abstract, very delightful pictures. It is an art between Aquarellistik and Painting on glass, which functions both as illuminated image form, as well as in transillumination, in self-lighting.
Hanna Scheriaus pictures have nothing to do with arts and crafts batik process. These works belong entirely to the liberal arts. They are in the tradition of abstraction and a they reminda bitof the psychedelic direction of the sixties,  as was popular the expansion of consciousness and the conquest of fantastic visual spaces in all the arts.
The artist leads the viewer into her peculiar, very poetic painting,in a boundless world of flowing and streaming. One wishes music to these visual impressions...

Excerpt of an article in Global Art Magazine (Wilken Wehrt, May 2009), Hamburg (DE)

Hanna Scheriau’s art wants to venture a “look behind reality".

"Life is never complete without the other side, the irrational side of mind which is not accessible," says the artist; in a sense art is just an Antipode which is created above thinking. But man is more than a ticking brain, more than mechanically rotating gears, more than empty behavior; there resides in him something that he is unable to comprehend. Just in an intuitive self-review one can dive deeply there. Lose yourself and you will find everything. Scheriau’s art is a way to this other place.
… Hanna Scheriau’s paintings contain a harmony within themselves, which can not be accessed by constructing thinking. Scheriau’s art is determined by intuition.

From "Handbook of the German Commercial Art 2009", Art Trade Press (DE)
Author: Dr. Helmut Orpel


Oskar Kokoschka’s “Schule des Sehens“ (“School of Vision“), the Summer Academy Salzburg, has opened to the artist Hanna Scheriau the ways on which she treads today confidently.
She came from conventional forms of painting to the material of silk which has been her actual medium since 2000. She uses high quality, light-resistant, long-term durable colors, and thereby achieves a fantastic effect. The faintest reason why silk has become interesting for her is finally because of the effects which can be obtained here and are not possible in other technologies. The mysterious splendor, the luminous depth, and the scope are classified into ranging infinite pictorial space - these are all properties that are special feature of artistic works of Hanna Scheriau.

The new, high slender images remind us of architectural columns. Those three-dimensional body images processed at the edges seem to float weightlessly in space. Even the material and the technique lend themselves to feeding the flowing forms.

The interpretation of those images is not fixed but falls prey to the imagination of the viewer. But nevertheless - pictures like these are not in the strict sense to be unravelled but to keep their secret. The viewer will always seek new approaches to them.

Exhibitions of works by Hanna Scheriau found their way not only in Europe but also in Asia and the USA. Her work has been priced in several countries. Likewise, the spectrum of her collectors is just international. Paintings of Hanna Scheriau are found in collections around the world.

Art Magazine  OKArte  December 2010  (IT) 

Art Magazine VERNISSAGE, October 2010 (AT)

HANNA SCHERIAU’s works on silk bring fellow artists to swarm, and so
Prof. Ernst Fuchs wrote during a visit at the Salzburg Art Fair 2005:
"Fata Morgana – Du siehst, was nicht ist.
Fata Morgana – wenn Du es nicht bist. Die andere Seide "
The various weaves of silk require different styles of painting and produce
visual results with a special luminosity. Unlike painting on paper and canvas
the silk is free to move, and this painting technique, developed by Hanna
Scheriau, is unique in the field of painting on silk. The light-real depth, the
wideness, extending to infinity image space, the mysterious splendor and
special brightness - these are all characteristics that distinguish the artistic
work of Hanna Scheriau. Her artistic work was honored in several countries,
as well international is the spectrum of her collectors.

Live Magazin (Baden-Baden) Juli/August 2006 (GE)
Hanna Scheriau
Innovation in der Kunstzene "Gemälde auf Seide"